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Welcome to SeptiTech!
We are a company with a mission, which is to produce the most effective, most reliable, highest value and most owner-friendly wastewater treatment systems in the industry.  Relentless research, development and continuous product improvement are SeptiTech hallmarks.  How can we help you? 

Superior Residential and Commercial
Wastewater Pretreatment Systems



From 100 gpd to 150,000 gpd,
your project is important to us.


Reason #1 - Highest Quality Effluent (As measured by BOD5 and TSS removal in ETV testing protocol and multiple state laboratory tests.)                   Reason #2 - Excellent Denitrification Capability (As measured by Total Nitrogen Removal.)                    Reason #3 - Consistent High-Level Treatment (Treatment fluctuation is minimized regardless of water use patterns.)                    Reason #4 - Rapid Start-Up (Full treatment capability in less than 2 weeks.)                    Reason #5 - Track Record (Hundreds of systems in the ground treating from 100-gpd to 76,000-gpd with strengths ranging from domestic levels to BOD5 / TSS measurements of over 2,500 mg/l.)                    Reason #6 - Low Profile (Subsurface system access ports are just above ground level.)                    Reason #7 - Minimal Odor (Vent through house stack or separate vent for pump station prevents odors.)                    Reason #8 - Minimal Noise (No blower. Pumps are submerged. Air intake can be placed distant from house.)                    Reason #9 - No Pumping or Owner Maintenance (Pump-back line prevents sludge build-up. No routine maintenance necessary like wash-down or addition of chemical tablets.)                    Reason #10 - Competitive Pricing (All-inclusive price contains no surprises or hidden costs.)                    Reason #11 - Reliable Product (Industry hardened PLC, high strength, non-corrosive components, minimal moving parts, self-cleaning media, highest quality, long-life pumps.)                    Reason #12 - Peace-of-Mind Maintenance (No customer maintenance. Simple design, easy access to pumps, quick release fixtures for technician.)                    Reason #13 - Dependable Service Team (Friendly SeptiTech service team always on call.)                    Reason #14 2-Year Warranty (Includes parts, labor and annual inspection.)                    Reason #15 Reasonably-Priced Extended Warranty (Includes parts, labor and annual inspection.)                    Reason #16 - Minimal Power Consumption (Demand based system requires power only upon inflow of wastewater. Efficient process control.)                    Reason #17 - Managed Treatment Process (PLC customizes treatment, monitors pumps, floats, alarms and collects operating data.)                    Reason #18 Auto-dialer Capable (Standard on commercial units, available on residential units. Provides direct dial to SeptiTech technician in event of an alarm)                    Reason #19 - Modem Capable (Standard on commercial units, available on residential units. Allows SeptiTech technicians to collect data, monitor operation and troubleshoot from a remote location.)                    Reason #20 - CAD Availability (Technical drawings and system specifications on CD or FTP.)                    Reason #21 - Plug & Play Technology (Depending on loading rates and flows, series or parallel units can be added.)                    Reason #22 - Aggressive State Approvals (Most aggressive leach field reduction allowance in ME, VT, MA, NH, RI, OH and denitrification credit approval in Massachusetts.)                    Reason #23 - Innovative Drip hose Approval and Installations (Installations in ME, NH and VT.)                    Reason #24 - Built-in Discharge Pumps (No separate pump station required.)                    Reason #25 - Easy Installation (No on-site assembly required of contractor, SeptiTech provided contractor installation manual and training.)                    Reason #26 - Prompt Delivery to Site                    Reason #27 - On Call Service (No charge telephone consultation available 7 days a week.)                    Reason #28 - No Contractor Maintenance (Once properly installed, SeptiTech assumes service responsibility of unit.)                    Reason #29 - EPA Environment Technology Innovation Award Winner

 69 Holland St.
 Lewiston, ME 04240
 Tel: (207) 333-6940
 Fax: (207) 333-6944



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