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SeptiTech has designed affordable and sustainable wastewater treatment products for properties not hooked up to a public sewering system. Relentless research, development and continuous product improvement goes into producing the most effective, reliable, highest value and owner-friendly wastewater treatment systems in the industry.

These systems help ensure a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse.

Misquamicut Club_Westerly_RI_6_smOffering simple, low-cost and robust treatment solutions, the SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems are a low-energy treatment option using an anaerobic-aerobic sequence (AAS) bioreactors.  The primary anaerobic pre-treatment tank settles, clarifies and manages the sludge return, then followed by a secondary aerobic treatment process.

The residential and commercial SeptiTech® STAAR™ Filter Systems are environment-friendly, regulatory-approved and preferred for private, business, and government applications. With exceedingly stringent Nitrogen Removal standards, these advanced wastewater treatment systems (AWTS) utilize an award-winning Trickling Filter Technology and has a successful track record from 100 gpd – 150,000+ gpd.

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Why a SeptiTech® STAAR™ System?


With a smart and completely automated process, the PLC customizes treatment, monitors pumps, floats, alarms and collects operating data. Standard on commercial units and available on residential units, each PLC is Auto Dialer and regular Internet connection Capable to provide direct dial to a SeptiTech technician in an event of a problem.


SeptiTech utilizes an enhanced, unsaturated, self-cleaning media and processor for its trickling filter technology. The systems are customizable, easy to maintain and come standard with a 2-year warranty. SeptiTech has 20+ years of proven performance.


This anaerobic-aerobic sequence (AAS) process use less energy than ATUs and is superior to other anaerobic-type systems. The low power consumption is ideal for remote and seasonal applications. All components are below grade providing minimal noise, no odor, and high nitrogen removal. Completed the EPA-ETV in 2002 and the NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 testing in 2008, the SeptiTech maintains low levels of Nitrate-N.


Automatic return pump removes the sludge from the trickling filter Aerobic Treatment Zone, thus all the sludge management is in the Primary Settling Zone. Designed for any tank, any size to treat wastewater with minimal operator oversight while delivering consistently high quality treatment even during peak flows, low flows or intermittent flows.


Our Customer Care Team is Ready to Assist You:

City: St. Louis State: MO

Subject: Sewage treatment system

Comment: We are considering the purchase of a cottage and want to know more about the sewage treatment system installed there two years ago. How does the system work? Do the tanks have to be pumped out? If so, at what intervals? What annual care is required? If they have to be drained, what is done with the effluent? Is there any guarantee on the system? The tanks are located under the house. There must be some noise associated with the treatment process. Is there a way to muffle this noise?
City: St. Andrews State: NB

Subject: residential septic system

Comment: We have a three adjoining lots (approximately 14,000 sqft each) within the town limits and must install a 750ft connection to the town sewer. We wish to consider an alternative that would be acceptable to the town and less costly to us.
City: fort mill State: sc

Subject: residential system cost

Comment: I have a home site (several acres) that does not have proper soil for conventional septic system. Please send me the approximate cost of your system for a 4 bedroom home. Also, I would appreciate any technical material that I might use in discussing your system with the county environmental permitting office.
City: Monson State: MA

Subject: small lot

Comment: I inherited a cottage on a 90' x 90' lot the neighbors won’t let me leach on their land so i need to put in a well and septic on the lot and I would like to know if that would be possible with one of your systems. Thank you
City: Sagamore Beach State: Ma

Subject: on-site septic system

Comment: We have 8.5 acres with 15" water table and 12" of sand/gravel before tight silt loam. What type of credits are we allowed with septitech system? I am a soil evaluator and registered sanitarian.
City: Ullin State: IL

Subject: Micro-bead Media

Comment: I saw your article in Small Flows and am a little curious as to your media. In Illinois we install buried sand filter using specific size sand. This sand and or ash have gotten extremely hard to get. Wondered if your beads might work. Will need a sample to submit for testing and approval.
City: Colchester State: VT

Subject: Watewater treatment system

Comment: How does your system compare to the FAST and Advantex system for cost of installation and monthly cost, electricity & Maintenance? I manage 200 lakeside camp lots in the Town of Colchester. We need a good treatment system. I would prefer a cluster system. There are 105 camps on 35 acres of heavy soils and shale. Can you propose a solution?
City: Olympia State: WA

Comment: I read an article in the Small Flows Quarterly regarding your biological recirculating trickling filter. Sounds like an excellent solution to some of the challenges we face in the septic industry. I would like to learn more about your system. Would it be possible to send me some technical information and drawings that will help explain more about it?
City: Colchester State: VT

Subject: pricing information for your system.

Comment: We do not need state approval in the Town of Colchester. I manage 200 lake side camp lots some of which are year round. Colchester recently signed a contract for a water quality master plan.
City: Lander State: WY

Subject: Product information

Comment: I am an engineer with the Wyoming Dept of Environmental Quality. I am responsible for on-site treatment system permitting in NW Wyoming. I am interested in learning about systems that can give us a higher level of treatment than conventional septic tank/leach fields. We are putting together a data base of advanced treatment systems available for small flow applications. Please send me a catalog of your products along with any engineering drawings and data and approvals from other states. Do you have dealerships in the Rocky Mountain Region?
City: Austin State: TX

Subject: Distributor Opportunities?

Comment: Wanting to get back in touch with you after the High Strength course in San Antonio, and discuss whether/how we can work together on projects here in Texas. 5 of the attendees are designers who have, or currently do specify equipment we supply. We need to have a product to match our design and after-the-sale service, in High Strength.
City: Penobscot State: Maine

Subject: SeptiTech system

Comment: We are considering purchasing a property on Island. There is no septic system on site, and the property size is quite small. There will be 2 adults and an occasional visitor or two - living on the premises. My realtor gave me a brochure on your company. I need to know what type of cost we are looking at for installation of a system.
City: Bailey Island State: Me

Subject: Wiring and plumbing details (5 Bedroom)

Comment: Our contractor will be installing your system and I'll be doing the wiring and plumbing so I need specifics beyond what is in your brochure
City: Richmond State: Va

Subject: Nutrient removal

Comment: Do you have any statistics on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus removal and how it compares to other systems in the removal or conversion of these nutrients?
City: Monhegan Island State: ME

Subject: Septic system

Comment: I would like to have your input on a system that could be installed. I've lived here 25 years and own a B&B that with an Over Board discharge. I am buying a restaurant that also has an OBD. The Restaurant empties into the harbor and I would like to clean it up. Most likely there is no room for a leach field and I have spoken with the DEP about a system that would clean it up and then go overboard. The DEP may be interested in funding in hopes of attracting the town to install a system. I plan to monitor the gallon usage this summer. The license is for 3300 gals per day but I bet it uses much less. Can you give me ideas and input? Thanks.
City: ottawa State: canada

Comment: I am interested in your systems. Can you point me out to a Canadian Distributor?
City: Fredericton State: NB

Subject: CIPHI National Educational Conference

Comment: The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors is having their Annual Conference. I was thinking that maybe your company might be interested in participating in some way. There are a number of options open to companies such as yours from advertising in the conference binder to sponsoring events, and placing an exhibit. I would be interested in sending you more information if you would send me your mailing address.
City: Kittery State: Maine

Subject: Subdivision Site Visit

Comment: I currently have a subdivision application under review by the Kittery Town Planning Board. The SeptiTech waste disposal system I believe would provide a solution to the poor soils in the subdivision. 1) Is it possible to arrange a site visit by one of your representatives? 2) What is the incremental cost over a conventional system?

Subject: grey water filtration

Comment: My seasonal camp was burned to the ground in Orland, Maine. I will have to move the camp, and the grandfathered sink drain has to be replaced. The code officer gave me your name in the event that you have an inexpensive system for the sink grey water which will eliminate an expensive leach field. Please advise. Thanks. Barbara
City: a State: Ok

Subject: Septic System

Comment: My husband and I are building our own home and we are at the point of looking at septic systems and are very interested in your. Could you please contact me or send me some information about your septic systems?
City: Lawrence State: MA

Subject: Septic Tank Systems

Comment: Please send current catalog and/or product information with basic pricing. Thank-you!
City: Dennis port State: ma

Subject: restaurant system

Comment: I own a restaurant on Cape Cod currently operating on a tight tank. I lack space for a leach field. Does your system function with a limited field?
City: Damariscotta State: ME

Subject: cottage system/ Embden,(lake)ME

Comment: My property is a 100'by 100' lot and there is no chance to purchase land behind, can you help?
City: Paxton State: MA

Subject: Installation in Maine

Comment: My wife and I own a home on the shore of the bay. We currently have a Chromaglas system. However, we are considering retiring and converting our home for year round use. How would I go about determining if SeptiTech would be appropriate for our site?


City: State: Md

Subject: Costs of materials and installation of complete system

Comment: Do you have experienced installers in Maryland?
City: clearwater State: mn

Subject: type of construction;

Comment: type of aerobic unit attached growth, suspended growth. Need basic information pertaining to construction of unit.
City: Quaker Hill State: CT

Subject: Installation of remote system

Comment: Now that I am retired and using our camp on Moosehead Lake on a regular basis I am considering replacement of my outhouse with an all season system. Access is very difficult via an ATV trail or by boat. We do not have electricity and the soil is very hard to work, mostly clay and small stone. I can get a mini excavator into the camp but a truck is impossible. Could you folks design and /or construct a system that would meet state approval and be trouble free in its operation.
City: Bellingham State: WA

Subject: Septic System model

Comment: I have been contacting several companies like yours to see about obtaining a small scale septic system model that we could use for educational purpose at our county fair.
City: Trujillo Alto State: PR

Subject: Request for information

Comment: Read about your company. Need more information on your systems. We sell wastewater treatment systems in Puerto Rico and your advanced treatment systems could be of use here.
City: Aurora State: CO

Subject: land purchase will be building house

Comment: I have just purchased some land outside of Blanca Colorado that is less than a mile off of highway 160. I was hoping to get a catalog, pricing sheet or information on what I will need to do before I start building my adobe home. How do you get the systems to us, do your consultants come all the way out to the sight (will it cost extra because we are far away) Do you know anything about the health department requirements or building codes that need to be researched before purchasing a system. It might be a problem because the land is supposedly on top of a huge aquifer?
City: Rindge State: NH

Subject: Drip Hose System

Comment: Is the Drip Hose system approved for applications in New Hampshire? I have an island site to design a repair for and getting heavy equipment and soil material to the site would be a monumental task.
City: York State: ME

Subject: Septi Tech system with Drip Option

Comment: I contacted your company via the info button on the website last August and you kindly sent me literature on the Septi Tech System, thank you. My wife and I discussed the possibility of having a system installed on our property in Stoneham Maine where our camp is. We essentially use the property on weekends year round and never have more than 4 people and usually just the 2 of us. Currently we have a 2000 gallon cement holding tank which has to be pumped based on demand (once a year). Looking at the system it looks to us that the Drip Option would be the right thing for our property and I was also wondering about the feasibility of utilizing the existing holding tank as the incoming chamber reservoir. If you would be so kind as to assist us in what it would take to have our property evaluated I would be grateful. We do have an active runoff stream within our property which feeds a brook and this is about 30' from the building. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may provide.

Subject: seasonal home on a Maine island

Comment: Please mail info re your system suitable for a seasonal home on a Maine island.
City: Bedford State: MA

Subject: SeptiTech Sales

Comment: Can you give me the rough cost of a SeptiTech system (not including installation) for a two bedroom cottage that will be used seasonally. I understand the final cost will depend on the exact location and other factors. I'm looking for a rough number to include in a budget for a new house I'm considering building.
City: Bath State: ME

Subject: Brochures

Comment: We are interested in receiving some brochures from your company. If you could send us some brochures we would really appreciate it. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for your help.
City: Danville State: VA

Subject: Upgrading septic system

Comment: We have a .28 acre lot on the waterfront at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Our aged septic system is working well but we are interested in exploring an upgrade/update. We would be interested in obtaining an estimate if your system meets the code requirements of Pittsylvania County, Virginia for our land. Thanks.
City: Exeter State: Ont.

Subject: Info

Comment: We are distributors of septic products. Could you send us some info on your treatment system?
City: Londonderry State: NH

Subject: Drip Hose System

Comment: Please mail any information you have on the drip hose system, including cost estimate or range, installation, operation, etc. Thanks.
City: Kennebunk State: ME

Subject: Request for info

Comment: I have a rather old septic system for which I am interested in enhancing effectiveness. From what I reviewed at your web site it appears you may be able to help. With this in mind I would like to learn more about your deliverable.
City: Boston State: MA

Subject: Using your system with a Jacuzzi Tub

Comment: We are about to start construction on a 12 condo project using one of your systems. We are wondering if there is a way to modify the system to allow for the use of Jacuzzi or oversized tubs in the units.
City: Bar Harbor State: Maine

Subject: SeptiTech System

Comment: We live in Chicago and own a seasonal cottage in Hulls Cove, Me. Your drip hose systems look very interesting. May I trouble you to contact our caretaker and arrange a meeting with him to see our property Viewpoint Cottage and see if your technology will work?
City: Wellesley State: MA

Subject: residential septic systems

Comment: I am purchasing a seasonal residence and will need to install a septic system. The current property owner has had a subsurface wastewater disposal system designed and certified by a Site Evaluator, but it will be quite expensive to implement this design. I am interested in receiving some information about your systems since this particular site (a long distance from the leach field to the house, granite ledge and large trees in the way, etc.) may lend itself to your technology. Have you installed any systems already and/or had any contact with Site Evaluators or Plumbing Inspectors there?
City: Northport State: ME

Subject: residential system

Comment: Your service guy was exceptionally helpful & knowledgeable when diagnosing & replacing a pump several weeks ago. With service people like him, you're bound to have satisfied customers.
City: Raleigh State: NC

Subject: Commercial WW Treatment System

Comment: Please call to discuss further, this project is ready to design: Design Flow: 700-1000 gpd, Source: Service Sta. Mini-mart, Current Tr'mt: Septic Tk./Drainfield, Problem: sys. Failure must go to stream Disch., Inf. Load: BOD = 200 mg/l, Eff. limit: BOD = 5 mg/l,TSS=10-30, NH3N = 2-5 mg/l, Special: Desire to install above ground, Add'l T'mt: Recirc. Filter, CL2, and a Wetland Trench. The existing system was failed during a UST remediation action by others. Site is built on fill and cannot support another drainfield. I can get an NPDES permit. Have an on-site discharge point. Need a package system that can simply treat with minimum O&M. As a PE, I have certain design latitude with the NC Dept. of Water Quality. I will need references from other state systems; But Mass, Maine and NH are fine by me. Can you Help Me??
City: Westborough State: MA

Subject: septic system

Comment: How tough is it to get a holding tank upgraded to a septic tank on Damariscotta lake? The lot is 1/2 acre and the furthest area from lake is 225'. Thanks.
City: REDMOND State: WA

Subject: Septic System for 1000 gal/day industrial site

Comment: Would like to know the approximate cost for a 1000gal.day system at an industrial site to handle sewage from the administration building. Sites have disturbed soil and either high ground water or low permeability. I have projects that your system may be applicable. One in Arkansas, two in Mississippi. Please call me to discuss

Subject: TIME DOSING vs. VOLUME DOSING and use of the UV Unit

City: Yarmouth State: Maine

Subject: system for a small cottage

Comment: Hi, we want to build a small guest cottage on our 4.5 acres, fronting on the royal river. We don't want to cut down a lot of trees to create another septic field, the septic field for the current house is in the wrong place for use by the cottage. The cottage will not be lived in continuously - it will be a guest house. Do you think any of your products will work for us? I know we can get the zoning for the cottage, but I am worried about the waste water. Thanks in advance.
City: Woburn State: MA

Subject: Approval to use in Vermont

Comment: I came across your website a year ago when I was looking for different types of Septic Systems. We own some land in Vermont and its very hard to find and area to put in a system. I know that your systems are approved in Maine, New Hampshire and Mass. I think the Drip Hose System you have would be great for where I have my camp.
City: Henniker State: NH

Subject: Product/Design Information

Comment: I am involved in septic system design and am in pursuit of becoming a licensed designer in NH. I am interested in your product and any design/product information you could send me
City: Richmond State: VA

Subject: SeptiTech Drip System

Comment: I currently have an overboard discharge system which was installed within the last 10 years. Can any of the existing tanks be used with this system?
City: Cambridge State: MA

Subject: Request for product line information

Comment: Please send me information that will assist us in evaluating onsite and community decentralized wastewater treatment and disposal solutions, THANKS
City: strongsville State: ohio

Comment: I am building a new home and it needs a septic system the house is a 3 bedroom 2.5 baths. I was wondering what it would cost for this system also can i use this system on a .42 acre lot
City: Merrimac State:

Subject: Residential System Owner's Manual

Comment: I had a residential system installed for my vacation home. This past spring but I don't seem to have gotten an owner's manual with it, at least one that provides me with the specifics regarding the "winterization process". Both tanks are above ground and I believe that I was told that a "pumping down" of water levels are required before winter sets in. Is there a menu option that I select on the controller unit that performs this? Also, I would like to eventually make this a year-round system. I am told that the leaching field is all set (insulated), but what will I need to do to keep the tanks from freezing .... surround them with a partially heated shed, for instance? ... If so, what else do I need to consider ... such as: Do I need to wrap the intake or discharge piping (both above ground) with heat tape?
City: Barter's Mills State: OH

Subject: SeptiTech System

Comment: Hello. I attended the recent Ohio Environmental Health Assoc. conference. I enjoyed your booth very much. I would like to talk to you about utilizing SeptiTech technology in a subdivision in which I am the lead engineer. Thanks for responding promptly.
City: Ceres State: Ca

Subject: single res. system

Comment: Approvals for CA?
City: Colchester State: Vt

Comment: Hello, I am converting a lake front camp to a year round home in Vermont and plan on using some form of pre-treatment or filter. The peat filter system I had been considering will require a pump station because the leach field is too far to be gravity fed. It looks like your system could eliminate the pump station. Is this a correct assumption? I am meeting our septic engineer next week and would appreciate your input.
City: Danville State: CA

Subject: emergency generator use

Comment: Can a surge protector be wired into the controller to allow the use of emergency generators that switch load automatically in power failures?
City: Auburn State: ME

Subject: Septic System

Comment: I'm interested in more information about your system. We have a camp near the water and need an alternative to the standard septic system.
City: New Gloucester State: Me

Subject: Well and Septic design

Comment: We are trying to find someone who can do a leach test along with the septic design for our land. I am wondering if this can be done this time a year. Our land is located in Poland.
City: Brewster State: MA

Subject: restaurant application of 7,500 GPD

Comment: Would like a general understanding of anticipated cost for a package to treat the 7,500 GPD restaurant flow. Haven't tested it as of yet to determine BOD, TSS etc. We will be upgrading the system and want the owner to have good information on cost to set aside appropriate funding. I have heard great things about your product and would like to use it.
City: Lihue State: HI

Subject: Residential System

Comment: I met one of your distributors on a cruise recently from Pennsylvania. He told me about your product and gave me the website address. Your residential system sounds like it would be perfect for a new personal home I am building. Since our soils are poor, mostly high iron clay, and the infrastructure of sewer systems only exist in town your system may be just what homeowners and builders need in Hawaii. In addition, treated effluent is valuable for homeowners and resort developments to use to irrigate landscaping. I would like to purchase a residential system that I can install in my new home. In addition, any tests and certifications can be completed on the installed system. Please let me know how to go about acquiring the residential system.

Subject: Development Group

Comment: We are currently spec'g a CMS S-12 unit for a number of industrial projects. Do you have a system that will deal with high water tables?
City: Columbus State: OH

Subject: Contractors

Comment: We had hoped to get a system in last summer but were unable to get bids. We have a cottage and would be using the drip system.

Subject: Covers?

Comment: I need some advice and thought you might be able to steer me in the right direction? I have a restaurant tenant with a grease trap that is buried beneath one of the parking areas. Can I buy a cement cover with an access port that could be level with the parking area and allow trap cleaning w/out ripping up the lot? Is there anyone you know of that sells premade solutions, or will I have to do a custom job? Not sure if this is your area but thanks for any insight.
City: Springdale State: CT

Subject: septic Tanks

Comment: I would like to build a house on a piece of land which has been in our family for 50 years but now has wet lands on it because of development all around it. I need to go before the DEP and think that your design is ideal to solve the problem. I need to get the kind of info that would satisfy the DEP. Can you help me?
City: Kittery State: ME

Subject: Subdivision

Comment: I would appreciate any information that is available to show how environmentally friendly the SeptiTech systems are etc.
City: Kauai State: HI

Subject: Distributorship

Comment: I am interested in purchasing your system for a home and potentially becoming a distributor of the product on Kauai or in Hawaii.
City: York Beach State: ME

Subject: service contract

Comment: Hi - We are residential builders considering the use of Septitech systems. We would be using them for 3 bedroom homes, therefore the 400 GPD model. Please advise, what is the cost of the actual units (not installation) and extended warranty/service contracts? I see that the State of Maine REQUIRES an ongoing service contract. Thank you.
City: GREEN BAY State: WI


City: Ft. Pierce State: FL

Subject: environmental film

Comment: Please forward specific information about system output following treatment (specifically the amounts of ammonia, nitrate and phosphate in the effluent). We are studying data on the impact of septic tanks and sewage on the Florida marine environment. We need some specific output info. We are talking about doing an environmental film about reef damage and it could tie in well with what we are trying to do. THANKS!
City: Warrensburg State: MO

Subject: System Recommendation/Cost

Comment: My wife and I currently live on 25 acres, and our septic needs are typically just for the 2 of us although the house we live in has 2 full and 2 half baths. Currently all of our sewage goes into a private lagoon with no inline septic tank. The problem is the lagoon is somewhat shallow, needs a higher overflow pipe, and generates bad smells in an area we like to go walking. Can you make any recommendations on your system and provide an approximate idea of costs? Are there any distributors in our area? Thanks!
City: Rowley State: MA

Subject: 400 system wiring

Comment: Is it possible to get wiring requirements and a diagram for the residential systems as well as information on the autodial unit? Is this unit 110vac or 220vac and at what amperage is it to be fused? We need to know if this will force an electric service upgrade.
City: West Bath State: Maine

Subject: State Required inspections

Comment: On the SeptiTech web site is there a reference to state required maintenance / inspections in the Warranty & Service Section of the Residential Owner’s Manual:
City: Akron State: Ohio

Subject: Distributor

Comment: I am civil/environmental engineer with extensive experience with on-site waste water engineering design within northeastern Ohio, especially with commercial sites involved with the O.E.P.A. I am interested in distributor/designer of your products. Please forward this message to the appropriate dept. and send me more info.
City: Islesboro State: ME

Subject: Island Installations

Comment: I have a prospective client who is considering using your system on an island. I thought I would check your website, and in the process am sending this note. We facilitate construction of septic systems on islands, so please keep us in mind. As I learn more about your system, hopefully I can do the same.
City: Wantage State: N.J.

Subject: Drip Hose technologies

Comment: I am a dealer / installer for a competitor system; I was interested if your technology would work along with ours. Please send some info about this product.
City: ALBURG State: VT


City: Milton State: Vt

Subject: Electrical usage of system

Comment: I was wondering if you could supply a Monthly or annual electrical consumption estimate. Assuming 780 Gallons of discharged water per day.
City: Brooklyn State: NY

Subject: residential stand alone system

Comment: I am an architect designing a house on a remote island. The site is basically a beach, with very little soil at all. The climate is tropical. I am investigating waste treatment possibilities and wonder if your system would be suitable. If you think it would can you send me some information and approximate pricing and sizing. The house will be occupied seasonally for up to 4 months, by 1 person with up to 3 guests for a couple of weeks at a time. He will have 3 toilets, 2 showers, a dishwasher and a washing machine.
City: Damariscotta State: ME

Subject: Year Round systems

Comment: I would appreciate information on year round systems for installation near the cast and for seasonal systems also. I have two sites that I am working on. Thanks
City: Sebago State: Maine

Subject: Wastewater Disposal for Lodge

Comment: We had designed a subsurface wastewater disposal plan for my family's lodge business. The system includes a SeptiTech Processor. I have received technical data from your website. I have the following questions: 1) If any of the pumps break down, how difficult and how long will it take to replace the pump? 2) With the Septitech Processor, is it feasible to use a SeptiTech Drip Hose System for the wastewater from some of the 29 bedrooms that are only occupied from May to October? Only my parents’ home, with two bedrooms, is currently occupied year round.
City: Franklin State: TN

Subject: Availability in Georgia

Comment: We own some land in Georgia and due to the high water table of our lot we can only put in a very small below ground septic system. I believe your system is above ground? Is it available in Georgia?
City: Jacksonville State: Fl

Subject: Pre-treatment of industrial process waste

Comment: Please send information for on-site treatment options for process waste consisting primarily of cleaning chemicals and water. I am inquiring for a multi-national customer in need of an environmentally sensitive solution to their waste water treatment needs.
City: Baltimore State: MD

Subject: Package WWTP

Comment: Hello, we are Maryland based private consultants working for Department of Natural Resources. We are looking at option of treating wastewater with Package WWTP. Can you send us some information about you system (brochures) as well as rough cost estimate to treat 25,000 gal/day capacity of domestic waste. Appreciate your help
City: Searsport State: Me

Subject: new system

Comment: Hi, we have 3/4 acre with about 300' on the water. No existing system; no replacement. Hoping to build 2br 1500 sq ft. Land does not perc. Shoreland, etc. Barely 100' from water. Any hope with a septitech system?
City: Belmont State: MA

Subject: Literature Request

Comment: A homeowner that has one of your systems (and loves it!) referred me to you. I am interested in one of your systems for my house. It's a four bedroom, seasonal beach house. Please send a brochure on your system, as we may need a system in the very near future. Also, please send a list of approved contractors in my area. Thank you very much!
City: Harpswell State: ME

Subject: residential system design

Comment: I am investigating alternatives to a conventional subsurface waste disposal system for a cottage I will be building at a Lake this summer. You have been recommended and I am very interested in seeing if my situation would be favorable for a septitech system. Please let me know what's next.
City: Trevett State: maine

Subject: contractors

Comment: I am still interested in the system. I'd love for someone to meet with me and see the property and make suggestions on where to put the system.
City: Bre State: ME

Subject: SeptiTech alarm system

Comment: We have a client who is interested in your SeptiTech unit. I am interested in learning more about the alarm/notification system you have developed for your system in case of a failure. Please feel free to call or e-mail. Thanks for your help.
City: Beijing State: China

Subject: water treatment

Comment: Please allow me to introduce our company; a technical development company aimed at the area of municipal construct; and involved engineering, production of building materials, new technical development, and act as the agent or distributor of some product, equipment, technology abroad. Now, along with the Beijing’s development, the trouble of water resource, which mainly represents the shortage and the not-ideal quality of the water resource, appeared more evidently. Entrusted by Beijing Government, we are searching some new materials, equipments, and new technology to effectively solve such problem. After view your website, we realize that your company is one of world-famous companies in this professional field of water-treatment, and we are very interesting in getting the further information of both your product and your company. So, if you are also interest in Chinese market and willing to take part in the future marketing operation, would you please provide us some advice concerning the Beijing water improvement base on you practice. Hope to establish the friendly business relationship with you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and your positive attitude for reply will be highly appreciated.
City: Chattanooga State: TN

Subject: SeptiTech Processors

Comment: I have a few questions which I could not find the answer to on the web. How much as far as capital cost is each of these processors (each size for residential and commercial)? Also, I realize operational and maintenance costs are provided for 2 years, but how much are we talking about for O&M after the warranty? Is there a design life, or will these things last forever under proper care? Thank you for your time!
City: Phoenix State: AZ

Subject: Septic System and Pricing

Comment: Please send me all information regarding residential septic systems. I would also like a cost estimate for a septic system that provides service for a new 11,000 sq. ft. house with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Thank-you
City: Chattanooga State: TN

Subject: Decentralized Wastewater Technologies

Comment: Hello! If I could get some additional contact information from you, I would love to receive a questionnaire pertaining to your systems in our Decentralized Wastewater Management Program. Thank you!!
City: Bar Harbor State: ME

Subject: Residential Systems

Comment: Planning to build within 2 years in Trenton, ME. close to shore of river. Soils contain a lot of clay with slow perc. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank you,
City: S. Dartmouth State: MA

Subject: residential systems

Comment: Please send me information on your residential septic systems: how it works and pricing.
City: lewiston State: me

Subject: sept tech at camp river 30' frontage

Comment: my camp is between road and river with only @ 30' of frontage to river any application with your product?
City: Coolspring State: Pa

Subject: Septi Tech Systems

Comment: I would like more information on the Septi Tech Systems. I would like information on what is required, the availability, and the cost of needed items for system.
City: Skaneateles State: NY

Subject: Quote estimate

Comment: I am looking for a quote estimate as I am replacing my septic system/leachfield for a cottage on Skaneateles Lake. I would require a 1000 gallon septic tank size system. Leachfield size is not a problem but the wastewater must be pumped up to it. Thank you.

Subject: Controls /& Electrical Engineering

Comment: I wonder about your control system. Is it robust against electrical noise, line spikes and lightening? There is a lot of wire in and out of the ground and opportunity for low-level signals to be compromised? Do you package in nema boxes etc.?
City: Brewer State: ME

Subject: New System at Harbor

Comment: I believe we have talked in the past about purchasing a system. Can you please list for me the items you need to know before an order is placed. I have calc. the TDH of the proposed system for the pump based on a 2" Dia. force main. What other information or options for the system do you need to know? I also have questions on the electrical requirements of the system and if other lines are necessary for remote monitoring.
City: Boston State: MA

Subject: Residential Systems

Comment: I personally am planning a house on the shore. The land is in partially in an AE and partially in a VE coastal zone. Is your system feasible in such conditions and do you know of any designer in the area of Boston or New Bedford that would be able to advise on the design of such an installation.
City: Princeton State: MA

Subject: I've developed several difficult sites which required huge expensive Title V raised systems. I'm looking for better alternatives on my future sites. Thanks very much.
City: calverton State: ny

Subject: brochures

Comment: can you send us your brochures?
City: Peaks Island State: ME

Subject: SeptiTech systems

Comment: We are planning to replace an existing cesspool with a new septic system. We have a lot of ledge on our lot and are interested in learning more about your system. Could you give us a referral of a site evaluator for our area? Could you also tell me how the cost compares to a conventional system?
City: Gorham State: ME

Subject: New System, Grandfathered Location

Comment: Thanks very much for your time on the phone today, and for the information you will be sending.
City: Dorchester State: MA

Subject: products for use on Cape Cod

Comment: Please send me (or e-mail) your design information for use on Cape Cod. Thank you.
City: placida State: fl

Subject: Questions on system

Comment: Hi, I have learned of your system. I would like to post an article about your septic system to show that there are alternatives to the traditional septic systems. Do you have write up you could send? OR, could I make one up off of your website. I would like to try and explain how the system works, and benefits, the environment and the pocket book.Thanks for any input.
City: Framingham State: MA

Comment: Just wanted to know who I should contact if I have any questions regarding the use of the SeptiTech System.
City: Hampton State: NH

Comment: looking for a manual/catalogue that would apply for a small commercial system (gas station with convenience store - approx 500 GPD). Can you mail me something ASAP?
City: Standish State: ME

Subject: Septic systems

Comment: Do you provide any type of systems that would allow a field less than the suggested 100 feet from drinking water supplies (wells)? I am looking at a small camp on Long Island (Casco Bay) and have an extremely small lot.
City: Alhambra State: CA

Subject: Commercial Systems and Cost Estimates

Comment: I am working on a design concept for several treatment systems, and I am interested in receiving more information about Septitech's commercial models. I would be interested in any information you have for the various media that could be useful for our application. I would also like to have examples of the range of costs for systems already installed.
City: South Bristol State: ME

Subject: Replacing OBD-Designing new system for subdivision

Comment: We own an Inn, Motel, Restaurant, and Marina, and we are currently using another’s system for the whole place. It is now our intention to sell off the non-waterfront property and to keep the restaurant/marina complex in the family. We are working closely with a consultant who is pushing the project along. There is @11 acres of wooded property away from the shore that we intend to sub-divide and sell off to a developer to build 7-8 houses. Can you recommend an engineering firm, or is this something you do in house? I hope you can help us.
City: Mount Desert State: Maine

Subject: community systems

Comment: I have had an ongoing discussion regarding the approved use of your system. I have recommended it and used it before and find its application impressive. There are incorporated communities that are under obligation and EPA advisement to improve or expand their systems. Much of this would include extensive blasting through granite. Would a variation of your system be a good alternative for newly developed or previously un-serviced neighborhoods? How could the use of this system be compliant with the requirements and mandates of EPA regulations?
City: Jonesport State: ME

Subject: pretreatment system

Comment: I am adding to my restaurant and was given your company name as an alternative solution. I would like to speak to someone regarding my needs and the cost involved. Look forward to hearing from you.
City: Bedford State: NH

Subject: Lake setbacks

Comment: It was recommended that I look at your system for a lake front property situation. Existing system is mostly failed, and entire property is now considered wet lands. Do you have experience in success getting wavers and permits for difficult situations like this?
City: Peninsula State: OH

Subject: Desperate Help with a Fire Station

Comment: To Whom It May Concern, I am currently installing your systems on our residential build projects. In another capacity, I am a Trustee of a Volunteer Fire Dept. We've been trying for years to build a new building and our 2 available sites have clay soil. Need a solution for a VOLUNTEER fire building with an estimated daily capacity of 450 to maybe 600 gallons a day. Could you help?
City: Nashua State: NH

Subject: Water Softener

Comment: I am installing a water softener and would like to know if the discharge from the softener system will affect my Septitech System.
City: Norwich State: NY

Subject: Composting Septic Systems

Comment: Do you have any info regarding composting septic systems? Thank you.

Subject: lakefront lot

Comment: I have a lakefront lot, and am very interested in having a system designed using Septitech. I had a soil evaluator do prelim site work and he suggested your system, but I am having a difficult time getting him back. It is a difficult lot, with a steep slope, but it seemed to be feasible. Do you know a soil guy familiar with your system that would work?
City: Richeyville State: Pa

Subject: Drip leach field and cost.

Comment: Seeking info on drip leach field-for 3 bedroom house on 3 acre lot with 16 degree slope +.
City: North Port State: Fl

Subject: Aerobic wastewater treatment

Comment: We have a cabin within the NYS State Park. There is are no facilities there now and looking for a system to support two bedrooms. Leach area is limited and within 75' of a waterway. We could run 80'+-each way along the road from the unit. Need all the basic info and recommendations to obtain park approval.
City: Franklin State: NH

Subject: Small septic system

Comment: Hello, I have a small two bedroom cottage in Canada. The Island is accessible by ferry. Long story short, I have about a 50 foot by 50 foot area to work with to install a system. Since I only use the cottage about one weekend a month and two weeks a year during summer, will your system be suitable? I.E. does it reduce the size of the leach field needed? Can you send me some info?
City: Cranberry Isles State: Maine

Subject: Public Restroom for Town

Comment: Due to soil conditions and available land, your system has been recommended as a potential solution. Site is within 100 feet of saltwater. Will you send information so that I can discuss for the entire facility? Thank you.
City: Ellsworth State: me

Subject: System Cost

Comment: I have a camp on Lake. My neighbor asked me to look into a septic system for his camp. The soils consultant found several problems with conventional systems due to nearby wells and seasonal runoff from a culvert, which limited location and property choice for the system. He said placing the leachfield in the driveway was the only choice. He suggested use of a septitech system as an option but the leachfield would still be in the driveway. Using the septitech system, what would the size of a leachfield need to be for a 4 bedroom system, could it be located near a well and what would you estimate the system cost to be?
City: Eliot State: ME

Subject: Previous phone conversation

Comment: We spoke on the phone about a 55, 3-Bedroom subdivision that may be interested in using (2) m3000 Units to treat waste water. I would like some information/brochures to help explain the system to the client.
City: Kittery Point State: ME

Subject: property

Comment: My family owns property in Maine. The property presently has approx. 11,000 sf of office space on approx. 12 acres of land. We are exploring opportunities for further development of this property, and would like additional information to explore how Septitech might be a solution for wastewater disposal on this property.
City: Norwell State: MA

Subject: information request

Comment: Please send current information or a products catalog. Thank you.


City: McKinleyville State: CA

Subject: questions regarding your residential systems

Comment: We are in escrow on a 1/2 acre lot. The lot is 82' across & sort of kite shaped on a slope towards a seasonal creek along the entire length of the property. There is an issue w/ how to fit a septic w/ the typical leach lines 50' from the creek & still manage to fit in a cabin. Your drip hose system sounds ideal, although is there any way to use it even in the snowy winter months? If not, what area of leachfield would your residential system require for a 1200-1500 sq. ft house (typical 3-4 bedrm?) Do you think it will work on this lot? My husband is a general contractor who specializes in this field-Do you ship to CA? If so, what would the cost be on each of the complete systems w/shipping or freight?
City: Vernon State: CT

Comment: The system has been designed and approved using your components. I have two questions the first is that we do not use this house during the winter months and I would like to know what kinds of problems we will have shutting this system off during cold months. The second is who do you recommend to install this system?
City: Olympia State: WA

Subject: Pricing information

Comment: I need to know the installed price of a Model in Washington State for a 3-bedroom home. This unit was tested under the ETV program and produced effluent with less than 20 mg/L total N.
City: auburn State: me

Subject: reduce or eliminate field

Comment: I have a waterfront lot with no existing system, it is all clay. I have an easement to pump 550'. Can your system reduce the flow? The current design is for an enviro septic product.
City: Still River State: MA

Subject: New house on coast

Comment: All set to install new system with 3 bedroom limitation and losing valued trees in the process. Would love to know more about your system. Can you help? Quickly, I hope.
City: Virginia Beach State: VA

Subject: Price/Information

Comment: I am interested in installing the SEPTI System in my home that I am building. I am starting construction. I would like to get an estimate and installation requirements of the above system. Any further information would be greatly welcomed. I have a contractor lined up and will forward any info to him. The house will be a Modular Home with 2 actual bedrooms + 2 Baths. 1800 sq ft. If you require more info just let me know. Thank you for your time.
City: Lovell State: ME

Subject: septic system

Comment: would like info re converting current septic/leach field
City: amherst State: nh

Subject: residential system

Comment: Hi there, I was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate for a 2 bedroom system, located on a lake. There are many others in the neighborhood that are also interested, and if it's reasonable, maybe a rep could come out here. I'd love to hear from you, and I know an estimate is probably difficult without seeing the site. I'm just looking for a very round about range.
City: Naples State: ME

Subject: Septitech cost

Comment: We have two installations that we are looking at. One is on a peninsula (where the septitech system is in the plans) and the other is a cottage along the edge of the lake where we have gotten plans for a traditional system. I'm interested in checking for a price comparison however because I would rather not have them clear the required size area in the woods and because if we could place the septitech tanks in certain area we might not need to pump uphill as we would for the septic field.
Recipient: jwbrown@septitech.com City: Great Cranberry Isles State: ME

Subject: Chemical introduced into Septitech System

Comment: Our well water is filtered for iron, manganese, etc. However, prior to the recent installation of our Septitech System, we had to treat the well water with bleach, which has loosened even more of the iron in the well. I would like to use an iron remover to clean up the iron stains on dishes and clothes, but am waiting to learn if it will harm our system. The product is ROEBIC iron and Rust Stain Remover and contains sodium hydrosulfite and sodium bisulfate. Will this harm the Septitech system?
City: Biddeford State: Maine

Subject: Want to start process of purchasing a septitech

Comment: I am interested in purchasing a system for our lake house. What do we need to do first have you come out to design a system? I don't believe I could go to the building inspector until I have a design and possible cost. Who is the local contractor in the area that could provide the service to this area.
City: South Bristol State: ME

Subject: new system

Comment: We are building a new home and have talked about your system. Can someone come to the new house and discuss this system with the builder? Thanks in advance.

Subject: Discharge

Comment: I was wondering if you could send me explicit instructions on how to get the system to fully discharge all content. We need to prepare for the winter.
City: Harpswell, State: ME

Subject: Info

Comment: Can you send information that would describe the suitability of your product for residential cluster subdivisions in communities with poor soils conditions, minimal cover to bedrock. I chair the Comprehensive Plan Committee and want our committee to explore advanced wastewater treatment systems for future land use planning. Many thanks.

Subject: UV on the M400

Comment: We own an M400 unit installed. Will the processor still work with the UV electrical disconnected at the bulb. Quick response would be appreciated.
City: Cedar Falls State: IA

Subject: 6 bedroom septic system in Maine

Comment: We have purchased a piece of land in that can only handle a traditional 4 bedroom septic system. The Code Enforcement Officer informed me that your system will be able to accommodate a septic system for up to double that amount...if that is accurate, we would be very interested to learn more about your company and the services you offer. Do you install your own systems? Is the cost comparable to normal septic systems? There are other subtleties about our construction project that I would like to discuss with someone within your company.
City: Satellite Beach State: FL

Subject: Residential SeptiTech system

Comment: We are purchasing a piece of bay front property. We will be building a ~1800 sq ft (3 bedroom/2 bath) home for mainly summer occupancy. Roughly, what would a septitech system for such a house run?
City: chapelhill State: nc

Subject: septic

Comment: I have property (raw land); in order to construct a home on this site the septic system must work on land that either perks zero bedrooms or less than the desire four bedrooms. Can you explain to me how your system works to accomplish this? Include any drawing or picture to accomplishing the description. What kind of maintenance or part replacement must occur and how often? Is the design of the unit permits a owner to assemble by themselves? Does your system require a drain-field or pond or mound? Please give me more information on this and on your equipment and process.
City: Wilton State: NH

Subject: Septitech design specs

Comment: I'm a designer and engineer working in New Hampshire and I have heard good things about the Septitech system. I would be interested in design and installation details.
City: Gales Ferry State: CT

Subject: Residential System

Comment: We are aware from friends that you have been in contact with cottage owners. We have a cottage on the lake which we intend to renovate/rebuild in the near future (2 or 3 bedroom). The existing septic system works adequately seasonally, but we would like to retire there year round. We are interested in whether or not your system can allow us to be in compliance for a year round dwelling. Does your system permit closer proximity of the (smaller?) leach field to the shoreline and existing wells than a conventional septic system and leach field? How much land is required for a leaching system with your system? We would appreciate any general or specific information that you can provide. Thank you for your help.
City: Westbrook State: me

Subject: poor soil

Comment: we want to divide our property but have poor soil for a leach field. can you help?
City: Falmouth State: ME

Comment: We currently have an overboard discharge system and are considering changing to a septic system. One issue we have with our property is that we have a stream in the backyard and occasionally (about once every few years) the stream will flood the yard. Can a SeptiTech system accommodate this problem? Many thanks.
City: Eliot State: Me

Comment: I have a client with a site on the ocean with an existing 3 bedroom concrete chamber system that is 10' or so from a cliff and possibly high tide. Do you think the state would allow replacement of this system using SeptiTech pretreatment? Would the state entertain a one bedroom expansion/replacement of this system using SeptiTech pretreatment? If not, how far from the ocean would we need to be for replacement? For expansion? Thanks for your input.

Subject: Familiar with your Project Gallery

Comment: Great system. I recognize a few of your properties. I would like to discuss cost with you some time so I can offer this as an option to my clients.

Subject: Residential Wastewater treatment

Comment: I am purchasing a home in New Mexico and I would like to replace the current septic system - is there a local distributor - what are the costs of the system/installation in my area if you have that info
City: wrentham State: ma

Subject: SeptiTech system use in Massachusetts

Comment: Do you have any experience/history installing systems in or around Wrentham, MA? Any info on MA use would be useful to us.
City: Richeyville State: Pa

Subject: Building a new home

Comment: I am planning on building a new home in the spring. I would like to get a price quote on a complete system. Model 400 with u.v. light and without u.v. light. Tank style hdpe plastic. The house has 4 bedrooms.
City: Brookline State: MA

Subject: seasonal house on the coast

Comment: I have a three bedroom, one and half bath seasonal house on the coast of Maine that is used from mid-June to mid-September. At the moment, the house has a septic tank but now leach field. What is the price of a SeptiTech system for a house like this?
City: Lincoln State: VT

Subject: M3000 Cadd Drawings

Comment: I need CADD files for the M3000 system for inclusion with a design package I am submitting to the State of Vermont. Please e-mail the files or a user name and password so I can access on your web site. The latter would be best.
City: Perry State: ME

Subject: LSE Design Information

Comment: Would you send me the Maine design information on you products? Also how many points does the State allow you for assessing a first time system variance? It would also be nice to know the amount of decrease allowed for a disposal field/proprietary device. Is it correct that you can install you system 12" from bedrock? Any cost information would also be helpful for your residential units. I am looking at a camp lot that needs some type of advanced treatment.
City: Averill Park State: NY

Subject: Residential/camp

Comment: Hello. We have a summer camp on a Lake in Maine, and our neighbor there recently installed one of your systems. Please send me literature/brochures, pricing and local dealer info. Thanks very much.
City: Bridport State: vt

Subject: heavy clay soil

Comment: Hi -this last fall we were told by an engineer and the state that our soil failed (we were hoping to sub-divide).Our soil was so bad that nothing that the state of Vt. approved would work. Our engineer said there were systems out there that would work but as of that time were not approved by the state. As we now have our land up for sale can your system work in any soil in Vt and get an O.K from the state? Or we just one of the unlucky one's who have a beautiful piece of land that is only good for farm land???
City: Orleans State: MA

Subject: Tank Information

Comment: I am looking for the dimensions and layouts for all our tanks. I am a civil engineer/land surveyor and your system is starting to show up on sites for which I must submit an as-built to the town. Please let me know where I can get this information. Thank You.

Subject: Connecticut

Comment: I have looked at a parcel of land on a lake that is 0.27 acres. Upon testing the engineer said that we could not put a septic system on that property because of shallow ledge that is 36" below the surface. Is SeptiTech an approved system in the state of Connecticut? Would your system be a viable option for me? Look forward to your reply. Thank you
City: Bath State: NH

Subject: teaching class

Comment: I am a septic designer in NH, and I shall be teaching a class of students at UNH this summer. The focus of the class shall be septic designs, system layouts and teh different types of systems and components on the market today. In that regard, I wonder if you could supply me with any available information on the SeptiTech system by way of brochures, binders, samples or anything for hands on learning. Also, as a designer, I would like specs for myself for design purposes. Thanks!

Subject: replacement system in a sensitive area

Comment: Looking to install a replacement system in a sensitive area (Ocean, ledge, tough soils) on a tight site. My goal would be to use your HPDE tanks and a drip hose system. Property is in Cohasset, Ma and is a year round property. A garbage disposal would be on the system as well as home laundry so adjustments to accomplish both are needed which your system has the ability to handle. Four bedroom residence which is scheduled to go on sewer but when who knows so I'd like a rough budget from you for this type system. Just an "order of magnitude" is fine for now. Thanks
City: Estes Park State: CO

Subject: note to the Shawn McKenna

Comment: I am a contractor in CO looking to install a SeptiTech system. I understand you are planning to send a technician out. This is great. However, do you have someone on staff that can help me with marketing out here? I have a couple of installations near A-Basin. Thanks very much.
City: glen gardner State: nj

Subject: installation of new system

Comment: I am buying a home in Maine on the water. It needs a new septic field. Since I need a new installation, was interested in what you can do and for what cost. It is a 4 bedroom home.
City: Waitsfield State: VT

Subject: Model M400

Comment: We are beginning to build a home in Warren, VT and our engineer designed our system around your Model M400. We need information on the system, how we get it installed and any recommendations you can offer.
City: BOYCE State: LA


City: Braintree State: MA

Subject: Piloting

Comment: For our Nantucket project is there three permits available for our use for systems wiith Nitrogen removal? Will the DEP allow these systems to be constructed? Also, can we use the 440 gpd/a rule instead of the 660 gpd/a for our system designed for 4120 gallons per day?
City: Gibsonia State: PA

Subject: Information of availability in our area

Comment: My home is experiencing leech field problems and with the possibility of having to do a sand mound system, I saw your site on a septic search. I would like to know if your product is available in my area. Your system looks like a good alternative to the sand mound and if I’m going to spend that much money I want a system that will last.
City: Belvidere Center State: VT

Subject: Quote

Comment: Your website says you can quote prices upon request. So therefore I am requesting an average figure to work with because I am looking at a great piece of land that unfortunately has poor soils and does not perc for a conventional or a mound system. Therefore I have been looking at state of Vermont accepted alternatives. But, I need to know what a typical four bedroom installation would cost, so I can know where to start in making an offer for this land. Seems like your website could at least have a rough figure to go by if it is as simple as you say. Any info would be appreciated......Thanks
City: Westford State: MA

Subject: questions about SeptiTech

Comment: I am purchasing a 1764 farmhouse in Harvard, MA. The existing septic system did not pass Title 5 and the owner's engineer wants to put a 5 ft. mounded system in the middle of the beautiful nectarine orchard. I'm frantically looking for an alternative! This property is 6.5 acres, has a high water table, wetlands, and slow perc rates. Will your system work in this environment? And do you have any installations in the Harvard area? Please call me!
City: Keene State: (area code 603)

Subject: 22,000 gpd system

Comment: Can you give me a budget cost and a schematic of a system to handle 22,000 gpd residential load. I am exploring options for on-site disposal.
City: Burlington State: VT

Subject: M400/M550 Cost

Comment: We're about to purchase land with an approved SeptiTech septic design. Can you tell me how much the M400 and M550 units cost and ballpark estimate on how much it would cost to install one? This estimate can be very rough - just to give us an idea.
City: nantucket State: ma

Subject: model m400d

Comment: My electrician needs to know the amperage need for pump model m400d. Have another pump, srm4 single phase that i need to know amperage needs. Electrician stated that if we could get the horsepower of these 2 units, he could figure out what we need for amps. Thank you
City: Rockport State: Me

Subject: New System

Comment: The Site Evaluator said I do not have the "required 11'x26' " leech field w/o removing a grove of hemlocks/pines. Will one of your systems allow the use of a reduced size field ? My 2.3 acre house lot is located on South Cobbtown Rd, Lincolnville, Me. Our proposed cottage is 28' x 32' with 3 bedrooms. What is the cost of your system? Prefer an email answer. Thanks.
City: Oakland State: ME

Subject: Project Planning

Comment: I'm looking at some property that failed its soil tests. It would be for a camp and seasonal use. What kinds of systems could you offer? I'd like to see a range of options from just a tank that gets pumped out to your full sized family, year round systems. Thanks.