The majority of the STAAR® treatment system is pre-manufactured prior to installation. Structural supports, spray distribution, and pump assemblies are all prebuilt and shipped to the job site to be installed within the processor tank. Typically, no onsite concrete work is required, as systems are usually installed in pre-made (concrete, plastic, or fiberglass) tanks.


Installation of the STAAR® treatment system is simple. Tanks are typically installed first, then the processor components by authorized personnel. Once the processor installation is completed, the contractor completes the external piping, which requires 2- to 4-inch PVC piping to be cut and glued according to the installation guidelines. Because the entire system is installed below-grade, no operations buildings, headworks, or HVAC systems are required.

Flexibile Operation,
Low Maintenance

STAAR® is specially designed to manage flow variations, such as those that occur during a homeowner’s absence. The system is very simple to maintain, with the primary tasks being visual inspections. Operating costs (i.e., power consumption) is lower than the alternative technologies, regardless of influent characteristics. No full-time operators are required.