What is STAAR® Commercial Trickling Filter System?

Offices, schools, restaurants, and other facilities that are not connected to a central sewer need their own wastewater treatment systems designed to handle the highly varied wastewater characteristics generated by the different activities with each. The STAAR® Commercial Trickling Filter is a highly effective way for these facilities to manage the high organic and nutrient loads present in their waste.

SeptiTech’s Commercial STAAR® systems have standard sizes for wastewater flows of 1200 GPD to 27,000 GPD. Larger STAAR® systems can be engineered to treat higher flows for small communities.

How Does it Work?

STAAR® Commercial Systems are built to handle high organic loads with increased treatment tank volumes containing submerged “biopack” media. This provides the system with increased capacity to handle elevated levels of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). The “biopack” media is combined with the same unsaturated trickling filter media as the residential STAAR system to treat the wastewater to better than secondary effluent standards.

The media recirculation pump is connected to a special Venturi (aspirator device), which draws atmospheric oxygen into the stream of wastewater that is sprayed over the treatment media. The “SMART” controller regulates the rate of recirculation and tracks the activity of the system. Media recirculation and recycling of wastewater to the primary septic tank allows the commercial STAAR® systems to achieve excellent nitrogen reduction, in addition to handling the higher organic loads.

The STAAR® system is installed below-grade, minimizing the impact on site development and aesthetics. STAAR® systems can even be buried under parking lots to make the most of limited real estate.

System Sizing

SeptiTech® STAAR® Commercial Models Hydraulic Capacity Organic Capacity
SeptiTech® STAAR® 1.2 Commercial Systems 1200 gpd (4.5 m3/D) Consult with Factory to discuss
wastewater characteristics and
project requirements
SeptiTech® STAAR® 1.5 Commercial Systems 1500 gpd (6 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 3.0 Commercial Systems 3000 gpd (11 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 4.5 Commercial Systems 4500 gpd (17 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 6.0 Commercial Systems 6000 gpd (23 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 9.0 Commercial Systems 9000 gpd (34 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 12.0 Commercial Systems 12000 gpd (45 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 18.0 Commercial Systems 18000 gpd (68 m3/D)
SeptiTech® STAAR® 27.0 Commercial Systems 27000 gpd (102 m3/D)*

*Larger Systems Available. Consult Factory to design a system to meet your flow and regulatory requirements*

Benefits of the System

  • Low operating cost with relatively low power requirements
  • Effluent meets stringent nitrogen requirements
  • Below grade components with small footprint
Septic tank Service


  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Schools and offices
  • Convenience stores and gas stations